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A Novel
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A heartfelt debut novel about a father who seeks redemption, and a daughter who struggles to forgive
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Life becomes complicated for thirty-year-old Emily Sawyer when her estranged father, David, arrives on her doorstep and interrupts her otherwise peaceful life.


With the encouragement of family and friends, Emily navigates through painful childhood memories and re-evaluates everything she thought she knew about her father, relationships, and the effects of generational trauma.


As they work to heal the festering wounds of a fractured father-daughter relationship, Emily and David experience the power of forgiveness.

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About Belle

Belle Rumler writes about interpersonal relationships, focusing on family, friendship, and love. She is a champion of redemption and forgiveness, and both, as we know, are rooted in personal growth. Keep in mind, however, as you read a Belle Rumler novel, that life doesn't necessarily climax with a happy ending; it is oftentimes messy and rarely linear. If nothing else, Belle writes painfully and poignantly about real life.

Belle is an award winning essayist and published her first book (written under a pen name) in 2017, which was  a 2018 Wishing Shelf Book Awards finalist.

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