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And in the Beginning there was...Opportunity

Updated: Jan 14, 2023


Who the heck is Belle Rumler and what does she do?

I'm not new to the author business. I've published award-winning personal essays for many years, and in 2017, I released my first book, a memoir.

Under my former legal name (a friendly caution to my author friends who are considering publishing under their married names —zero stars, do not recommend!), I built my author brand and garnered a decent following; I've maintained both Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram author accounts, and I have an existing website with a customized domain (again, caution!). And then there's my old blog. I put so much time and effort into those blog posts.

That period of my life was full of excitement and achievement, but I've entered a new season of life and authorship, and this season begs for a fresh start. So here I am, Belle Rumler, novelist, hoping to connect with my established readers and fans while building a new community with those who are experiencing my work for the first time.

I can't wait to connect with you, dear readers, and share this new chapter (literally), and build a meaningful presence in your life and on your bookshelves. xoxo ~ belle

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